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On Santa and Other Harmless Fibs: Childhood, Aging and the Maintenance of Hope

I stood guard this Christmas Eve, anxiously surveying the narrow border between childhood innocence and the complex wisdom of messy adulthood. Little had I previously realized how perilously close to one another are these two geographic spaces, and with what relatively modest effort a person might cross from the first of these to the next, […]

“The Perfect Storm for White Anxiety,” excerpt, OSI event, Baltimore, MD 12/1/09

Tim Wise discusses the “Perfect Storm for White Anxiety,” and its effect on race relations in the U.S. Excerpt from Open Society Institute event, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD, December 1, 2009

The Avatar of Amnesia: Glenn Beck, Historical Memory and the Evil of Right-Wing Populism

There is none so dangerous as the white American who waxes nostalgic about what he or she likes to call “the good old days.” Or, alternately, those “simpler” times, or the era of so-called “innocence” remembered from their childhoods, memorialized in a Norman Rockwell painting, or via televised re-runs of the Cleaver family, or Opie […]

“Disliking Obama over his Race” on CNN’s What Matters, 9/25/09

HLN’s Richelle Carey takes a look at why people dislike the President. Is it because of his policy or race?

“President Obama and Race” on CNN, 9/17/09

How should the obama administration handle race and politics? CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield explores.

Sociopathy on the Right: Ayn Rand and the Triumph of Conservative Cultism

At first it seemed little more than a bizarre rant, only slightly worse than those to which we’ve grown accustomed, given the source. To wit, Rush Limbaugh, who on September 11 condemned President Obama for speaking that day about community service, and encouraging young people to become involved in service projects as a way to […]

Lou Dobbs Attacks Tim Wise, calls him a “self loathing creep!”

Hooray for making all the right enemies! Nativist pseudo-birther Lou Dobbs attacks Tim Wise, September 14, 2009. Listen to the insanity!.

“Harsh Words Aimed at President” on CNN, 9/13/09

Author Tim Wise talks to CNN’s Don Lemon about the role race appears to play in opposition to President Obama.

“Debating the Issues” on CNN, 9/7/09

CNN’s Tony Harris and his panel tackle some of the political issues affecting the nation.

The Afrikaner Party Draws First Blood: Van Jones, Barack Obama and the Audacity of Capitulation

Van Jones, special advisor to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, has resigned from the administration. To be honest, he was forced out. Oh, perhaps not directly, but if not, then by the stunning silence of his employer. An employer more concerned about appeasing the right-wing bullies who sought to make Jones a liability for […]