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Holocaust Denial, American Style

Recently, after a presentation to teachers about racial bias in high school curricula, I got into a tiny spat with an instructor who objected to my using the word “holocaust” to describe the process by which nearly 99% of indigenous Americans perished from the 1400s to the present day. He also objected to the use […]

In Search of Post-Racial America

I have to admit, I was disappointed. After all, to hear lots of folks tell it we are now living in “post-racial America,” all because Barack Obama is to become the nation’s 44th president in a couple of months. So, imagine my surprise when I contacted the labor department, in search of evidence to sustain […]

Are Words (and History) Really That Hard to Understand? A Final Response to the More-Radical-Than-Thou Critique of Obama Supporters

Maybe it’s my fault. I think I write pretty clearly, but perhaps I don’t. In the last few days, ever since I counseled both excitement at the post-election possibilities for progressive activism, and caution at the risk of over-exuberance, it seems as though some on the left with a heavy investment in their self-righteous sense […]

Some Cyanide to Go With That Whine? Obama’s Victory and The Rage of the Barbiturate Left

My political entry into the left (and by this I mean the real left, beyond the Democratic Party) came a little more than twenty years ago in New Orleans, when, as a college student I became involved in the fight against U.S. intervention in Central America. In particular, the groups of which I was a […]

Tim Wise on MSNBC special, “Meeting David Wilson,” w/ Brian Williams, 11/7/08

Tim Wise on MSNBC special, “Meeting David Wilson,” with Brian Williams, November 2008 Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Good, and Now Back to Work: Avoiding Both Cynicism and Overconfidence in the Age of Obama

Tonight, after Barack Obama was confirmed as the nation’s president-elect, I looked in on my children, as they lay sleeping. Though they are about as politically astute as kids can be, having reached only the ages of 7 and 5, there is no way they will be able to truly appreciate what has just happened […]

An Open Letter to the Undecided: You’re Better Than This and You Know It

To Whom It May Concern, With so little time remaining before election day, and with so many things running through my mind–things that I’m hoping might, if presented correctly, somehow influence your vote–I hardly know where to begin. I guess I could speak to you about one or another public policy issue–perhaps health care, or […]

Tim Wise on the “Dominant Narrative” and White Hegemony, Chicago, 11/1/08

Tim Wise on the “Dominant Narrative” and White Hegemony

Tim Wise on Obama and Race, 11/1/08, Chicago, IL

Tim Wise on Obama and Race – Chicago, November 2008