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Of Bigots and Broken Records: Reflections on the Psychopathology of Racist Thinking

Sometimes it seems as if there are people who sit around, almost hoping for awful things to happen, just so they can use these incidents, however tragic, to make some kind of political point. So consider the evangelical preachers who responded to Hurricane Katrina by claiming that the tragic inundation of New Orleans occurred because […]

Passing the Buck and Missing the Point: Don Imus, White Denial and Racism in America

Let us dispense with the easy stuff, shall we? First, Don Imus’s free speech rights have not been even remotely violated as a result of his firing, either by MSNBC or CBS Radio. The First Amendment protects us against state oppression or legal sanction for our words. It does not entitle everyone with an opinion […]

“Resisting Racism: It’s Everybody’s Business,” Seattle, 1/9/07

“Resisting Racism: It’s Everybody’s Business” – Speech in Seattle, 1/9/07 Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

Tim Wise – MLK Day speech, University of Michigan, 1/07

Tim Wise – MLK Day speech, University of Michigan, January 2007