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On the Making of Undeserving Martyrs: Fact and Fiction in the Duke Lacrosse Case

“So now what do you have to say, smartass?” I can think of better ways to be greeted in the morning, but sadly, this was how my day began a few weeks ago, upon opening my e-mail browser and piecing through the messages that had accumulated overnight. The author of the above missive was wanting […]

On White Pride and Other Delusions: Reflections on the Rage of the Uninformed

“The price the white American paid for his ticket was to become white…This incredibly limited, not to say dimwitted ambition has choked many a human being to death here: and this, I contend, is because the white American has never accepted the real reasons for his journey. I know very well that my ancestors had […]

Of Bigots and Broken Records: Reflections on the Psychopathology of Racist Thinking

Sometimes it seems as if there are people who sit around, almost hoping for awful things to happen, just so they can use these incidents, however tragic, to make some kind of political point. So consider the evangelical preachers who responded to Hurricane Katrina by claiming that the tragic inundation of New Orleans occurred because […]