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Tim Wise Vs. Ward Connerly – “Is Affirmative Action Good for America?” 12/5/06

In this spirited debate hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, held on December 5, 2006, Tim Wise and Ward Connerly debate the question, “Is Affirmative Action Good for America?” Watch the video

Tim Wise vs Ward Connerly: Debate on Affirmative Action, 12/5/06

My debate with Ward Connerly on affirmative action, at the University of Pennsylvania, from December 2006

A Particularly Cheap White Whine: Racism, Scholarships and the Manufacturing of White Victimhood

Consider a few things that have happened in the past month-and-a-half, in no particular order: First, comedian Michael Richards goes on a racist tirade at an L.A. comedy club, screaming the n-word at two black audience members, over and again for several minutes. Then, white students at four entirely different colleges dress up in blackface […]