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Of Chocolate Cities and Vanilla Indignation: Reflections on the Manufacturing of “Reverse” Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary, January 28, 2006 If you’re looking to understand why discussions between blacks and whites about racism are often so difficult in this country, you need only know this: when the subject is race and racism, whites and blacks are often not talking about the same thing. To white folks, racism […]

Racism, Free Speech and the College Campus – Part Two: Bigots’ Personal Growth Shouldn’t Come at Expense of Others

Published by The Black Commentator, January 5, 2006 Recently, I published an essay concerning racism on college campuses and the issue of free speech. The commentary was prompted by news that Andrei Chira, a freshman at Bellarmine University, in Louisville, has been wearing a neo-Nazi armband around the school for the better part of the […]