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Animal Whites: PETA and the Politics of Putting Things in Perspective

Published on Counterpunch,, 8/13/05 Although I have long supported the vast majority of the goals set forth by the animal rights movement, I have to admit that, on a personal level, the animal rights activists I’ve encountered almost never fail to come off as insufferable jerks. The smug moral certitude with which so many […]

Darken Up, Asshole: Reflections on Indian Mascots and White Rage

Published on Counterpunch,, 8/10/05 All I wanted was a lousy beer. OK, a few lousy beers. Is that too much to ask? Of course, I suppose it was partly my fault. After all, I had taken my laptop with me into the bar, having just come from the library, where I’d spent the day […]

Faith of the Faithless: The Real Meaning of “Intelligent Design”

Published on ZNet,, 8/3/05 As a child reared in the very buckle of America’s Bible belt, I can clearly remember hearing people speak of how Jesus was “in their hearts,” and was the cornerstone of their lives. Coming from most, the sincerity with which such proclamations were made was touching, even if I, as […]

The Tyranny of Common Sense: Examining the Faulty Logic of “Terrorist” Profiling

Published on, 8/2/05 Growing up in the South, I often heard folks criticize others for being “common.” To be called common was to be vilified as trashy and unworthy of respect. Putting aside the elitist implications of such a slur, the pejorative nature of the term has always stuck with me, so much so […]