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A Double Standard Worth Keeping: Race and the Differential Power of the “N-Word”

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 5/25/05 As soon as Oklahoma University’s baseball coach Larry Cochell was fired recently, for using the n-word during off-camera conversations with two ESPN reporters, I knew instinctively what some were likely to say. Though I am far from psychic, it hardly required clairvoyant ability to see what was coming. Sure […]

Excuses, Excuses: How the Right Rationalizes Racial Inequity, Part Two (Criminal Justice)

Published in The Black Commentator, May 19, 2005, Issue 139, “It’s the crime stupid!” Thus read the first line of an e-mail I received a few weeks ago. This particular love note came from someone who had run across an old article of mine in which I had discussed racism in the criminal justice […]

Transcript of Radio Debate between Jared Taylor and Tim Wise on the Infidel Guy Show

May 11, 2005 HOST: Greetings everyone and welcome once again to another episode of Live with the Infidel Guy. I am your host Reggie Finley and I’ll tell you what, we’re going to have a very interesting program tonight. I’m a little nervous, actually, about this program because I have no idea how this is […]

Excuses, Excuses: How the Right Rationalizes Racial Inequality (Part I: Wages and the Job Market)

Published in the Black Commentator, 5/5/05, Issue 137 Whenever I write an article about racism, or give a speech concerning the ongoing reality of discrimination in the labor market, I am assailed by those who refuse to believe what virtually any study done in the past two decades confirms: namely, that people of color are […]