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A Quite Deliberate Failure: Reflections on the Politics of Crime

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 4/1/04 Though it is always difficult to predict the outcome of an election in the United States, it is quite a bit easier to make accurate pronouncements about the way in which an election campaign will unfold. No matter the candidates, certain things are virtually guaranteed to happen: from […]

Of Broken Clocks and Conservatives: Study Debunks Race (but Feeds Youth) Stereotypes

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 3/2/04 There’s an old saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Although conservative think-tanks can’t generally boast that impressive a record, the underlying premise occasionally holds for them as well, so that once in a while they too will say something on point, even if […]

Unnatural Selection: Reflections on the Normalizing of Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 1/21/04 For those who speak out against racism, learning to deal with people who disagree with you is a time-consuming process, and a talent that must be cultivated. This was made painfully clear this past week when I received an e-mail claiming that people like me should give up […]

Profit and Loss: The Ups and Downs of White Privilege

Published in Consider (University of Michigan), January 2004 What does it mean to be white in the United States? It’s a question that is rarely asked, especially by those of us who are classified as white in this culture. After all, when one is a member of the dominant majority, one rarely is forced to […]

Sex Across the Color Line: Marcus Dixon, Emmett Till and the New/Old South

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 71, 1/1/04 This is the story of a real American tragedy. The kind they make movies about. The victim — and let there be no mistake that is the only word that fits here — is Marcus Dixon: an ‘A’ student in high school, member of the National […]