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Personal Responsibility is a Two-Way Street: Bill Cosby and the Pathology of Passing the Buck

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 6/24/04 Perhaps Bill Cosby should have known better. After all, just because you’re a black man loved by millions of white folks, doesn’t mean you can actually count on those whites to receive your words in the spirit you say you intended. Such a lesson became obvious in late May, […]

My Life as a Resident Alien: Reflections on Reagan and “Feeling” Good About America Again

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 6/13/04 Despite being born in the United States and living here all of my life, I guess I’m still not really an American. For if I were, then surely I would have “felt good” when Ronald Reagan was President, since, I’m told, Reagan made Americans feel good again. Lucky […]

Reagan, Race and Remembrance: Reflections on the American Divide

Published in The Black Commentator,, 6/10/04 If one needs any more evidence that whites and people of color live in two totally different places, politically and psychologically, one need only look at the visual evidence provided by the death of Ronald Reagan. More to the point, all one needs to know about this man […]