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Profiles in Distortion: Misusing Data to Justify Racism and Privilege in Policing

An Analysis of Traffic Stops, Race and Media Deception in Nashville, Tennessee April 2004 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On April 3, 2004, Nashville’s daily paper, The Tennessean, ran as its lead story an article entitled, “White women more likely ticketed when pulled over.” Therein, the author reported that based on the paper’s analysis of local police data, […]

White Whine: Reflections on the Brain-Rotting Properties of Privilege

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 4/20/04 To truly understand a nation, a culture, or its people, it helps to know what they take for granted. After all, sometimes the things that go unspoken are more powerful than the spoken word, if for no other reason than the tendency of unspoken assumptions to reinforce core ways […]

A Quite Deliberate Failure: Reflections on the Politics of Crime

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 4/1/04 Though it is always difficult to predict the outcome of an election in the United States, it is quite a bit easier to make accurate pronouncements about the way in which an election campaign will unfold. No matter the candidates, certain things are virtually guaranteed to happen: from […]