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Denial, Evasion Won’t Solve Racism

Published in the Lexington Herald-Leader, November 10, 2003 Although I’m not psychic, I know what many readers are thinking right now. “Oh no, here we go again, someone else complaining about racism. Why do we have to talk about this? Isn’t it time we moved on?” Well, no actually. No matter how uncomfortable the topic, […]

Persecuting the Truth: Claims of Christian Victimization Ring Hollow

Published on, 11/08/03 David Limbaugh, brother of Rush, has been making the rounds lately, promoting his new book, Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity. Therein, Limbaugh claims that the left, broadly defined, is doing everything possible to eliminate all mention of the nation’s majority faith from the public square. Limbaugh digs up […]

Anywhere but Here: Examining the Crimes of Thee, but Not of Me

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 11/08/03 Imagine that in Germany, public officials and teachers decided to develop a school curriculum about the horrors of racism and intolerance. Now imagine that this curriculum never mentioned the Holocaust of European Jewry, or Germany’s persecution of homosexuals, Romany, persons with disabilities, or any of the other groups singled […]

Ghettos are Not a Game (Part Three): Examining the Consequences of Racial Stereotypes

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 63, 11/06/03 It’s just a game. Thus speaks David Chang, creator of GHETTOPOLY, which uses the traditional MONOPOLY board game formula to steer players through life in an inner-city community: or at least what Chang presumes such a place looks like. Though he has never spent time in […]