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Preferring Our Violence Wholesale: Riots and Destruction in Black and White

Published on, June 30, 2003 I don’t know why these things amaze me, but for some reason they always do. Before the ashes were even cool from the recent riots in Benton Harbor, Michigan, much of white America had decided that it knew what was behind all the mayhem; at least if the white […]

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat: The Supreme Court and the Future of Affirmative Action

Published on ZNet,, 6/23/03 In 1980, the Boomtown Rats scored a hit with their song, “I Don’t Like Mondays,” in which they told the true story of a young woman who had shot up her San Diego school, and when asked why she had done it, gave the response enshrined in the song’s title. […]

Coloring Crime: Race, Violence and Media Manipulation

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 6/1/03 Ask the average American to describe the typical drug user or dealer and they’ll say he’s a black male, even though blacks make up only thirteen percent of drug users and sixteen percent of dealers. Most dealers and about 73 percent of users are white, according to federal data. […]