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Fraud Fit for a King: Israel, Zionism and the Misuse of MLK

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, January 21, 2003 Rarely am I considered insufficiently cynical. As someone who does anti-racism work for a living, and hears all manner of excuse making by those who wish to avoid being considered racist, not much surprises me. I expect people to lie about race; to swear they haven’t […]

Misreading the Dream: Color-Blindness and the Distortion of Martin Luther King Jr.

Published in LIP Magazine,, January 21, 2003 Perhaps it should come as no surprise that someone as oft-quoted as Martin Luther King Jr., might occasionally have his words misinterpreted, misunderstood, or taken out of context. King’s status as something of a secular saint only magnifies the willingness and desire of writers, academics, political commentators, […]

An Open Letter to the Des Moines Jewish Community: Racism, Faux Anti-Semitism and the Fraud of Zionism

[This is an open letter that I penned to the Jewish community of Des Moines, IA, in January, 2003, after the Director of the Jewish Federation there managed to get me banned from the city’s annual MLK Day Celebration, because of my criticisms of Israel and Zionism more broadly. As a long-time anti-Zionist Jew (and […]

Racism, Free Markets and Libertarian Deceit: The Problem of Whiteness as Property

Published in LIP Magazine,, January 15, 2003 In my 34 years on this Earth, I’ve learned a few things. First, that it makes little sense for a child to argue with his or her parents about bedtime. Secondly, that it makes even less sense to argue with a cop about a speeding ticket. And […]