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Sniping Common Sense: Racial Profiling, Religious Bigotry and the DC Shootings

A lot of folks are probably thanking Allah for a simple name change right about now. After all, if John Williams hadn’t decided to become John Muhammad, those right-wing pundits who have been proclaiming a likely Muslim terrorist link with the recent sniper shootings would have sure looked stupid. In truth of course they still […]

Pride and Prejudice: Tony Soprano, Christopher Columbus and the Irony of Ethnic Stereotypes

Published as a ZNet Commentary, October 17, 2002 When two Italian American organizations criticized New York’s Mayor for inviting Sopranos cast members to march in the city’s Columbus Day parade — an annual occasion for demonstrations of Italian pride since Columbus was Genoese — I found myself initially sympathizing with their cause. After all, as […]

Con-Fusion Ethic: How Whites Use Asians to Further Anti-Black Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary, October 7, 2002 It happened again, for what seems like the millionth time. Once again, in response to something I said about ongoing racism in the United States, someone (a white male, naturally) pulled out the all-too-common conservative race card (oh yes, they have one), which they believe disproves the […]