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Nationalism of Fools: Reflections on Zionism from a Dissident Jew

Published as a ZNet Commentary, September 5, 2001 So, the U.S. has withdrawn from the World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa. And while the cynical might suspect that this decision was consistent with our longstanding unwillingness to deal with racism’s global legacy, the official reason is more circumscribed. Namely, the pullout has been […]

Another Round of White Denial: Drugs, Race and Reality in the ‘Burbs

Published as a ZNet Commentary, August 23, 2001 Here we go again. In a time of multiple school and workplace shootings, middle-aged mass murderers, drug-saturated rave parties, and moms who drown their kids in tubs, lakes, or dump them in garbage cans, one question comes to mind: How long will suburban white America get away […]

Thin Blue Lies: Police and the Art of Propaganda

Published on Alternet,, 8/3/01 Image is everything, or so the commercial says. In an age of public relations, how one is portrayed can be every bit as important as the substance of one’s actions. Thus, it should come as no surprise that along with politicians, entertainers and corporate executives, even police departments have joined […]

See No Evil: Perception and Reality in Black and White

Published as a ZNet Commentary, August 2, 2001 According to a public opinion poll from a few years ago, only six percent of whites in the U.S. believe racism is still a “very serious” problem facing blacks. While larger percentages believed racism to be somewhat of a problem, only this anemic share of the white […]

Fear and Loathing in Suburbia: Crime and the Irrationality of White Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary, July 9, 2001 If intellectual gymnastics were an Olympic sport, we white folks would be the team to beat; especially whites from the suburbs, who go to amazing lengths to convince others (and perhaps themselves) that their wish to steer clear of blacks in the cities isn’t the least bit […]

Of Danger and Double Standards: Police, Prison and Preferential Treatment

Published on Alternet,, under the title, “Shot by Cops? Not if You’re White,” 5/22/01 After my recent article excoriating the Cincinnati police for their well-documented brutality against black residents (including the shooting of an unarmed young man wanted for seatbelt violations), I received many irate e-mails from folks proclaiming that I just didn’t know […]

Breaking the Cycle of White Dependence: A Modest Call for Majority Self-Help

Published as a ZNet Commentary, May 19, 2001 The experts call it projection–when someone subconsciously realizes that a particular trait applies to them, and then attempts to locate that trait in others, so as to alleviate the stigma or self-doubt engendered by the trait in question. It’s a well-understood psychological concept, and explains much: like […]

Fifteen Dead in Ohio: The Black and the Blue in Cincinnati

Published as a ZNet Commentary, April 17, 2001 Some folks don’t even bother hiding their racism. Take Keith Fangman, President of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police. In the wake of this past week’s uprising to protest the killing of Tim Thomas and fourteen other black men by his colleagues since 1995, Fangman said: “If […]

School Shootings and White Denial

Published on Alternet,, 3/6/01 I can think of no other way to say this, so here goes: An awful lot of white folks need to pull our heads out of our collective ass. Two more children are dead and thirteen are injured, and another community is scratching its blonde scalp, utterly perplexed as to […]

Motive and Opportunity: The Difference Between White and “Other” Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary, February 12, 2001 “Why don’t you ever talk about black racism?” Of all the comments I receive in the course of my work, this is the most common. Conservative white folks, tired of hearing about the vagaries of institutional racist inequity — which tends to elevate us relative to people […]