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Saying No is a Start: The Validity of Anti-War Criticism

Published on Alternet,, 11/20/01. Imagine you live in a community that has been experiencing a serious upsurge in crime. The possibility of being victimized is an ever-present reality, and previous attempts to solve the crime problem in the neighborhood have failed. Frustrated by this fact, local officials announce that beginning tomorrow, police will have […]

Consistently Inconsistent: Rhetoric Meets Reality in the War on Terror

Published on ZNet,, 11/15/01 So it appears as though the Taliban have fallen, or are close to a total collapse; and given what we know about their brutal rule in Afghanistan, this is, so far as it goes, a good thing. Furthermore, this is true no matter how we feel about the war being […]

Holding Terrorists Accountable? It Depends on the Color and the Cause

Published as a ZNet Commentary, November 4, 2001 Note: Approximately one year after the publication of this article, the subject of the piece, William Pierce, died. The group of which he was leader, the National Alliance, has, since his death, floundered for lack of leadership and vision. They are, thankfully, nowhere near the threat they […]