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Who’s Being Naive? War-Time Realism Through the Looking Glass

Published as a ZNet Commentary, October 28, 2001, also in The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace, Beacon Press, 2003. To hear those who support the current air assault on Afghanistan tell it, those of us who doubt the likely efficacy of such a campaign, and who question its fundamental morality are not […]

Patriotism as Pathology

Published in LIP Magazine,, October 23, 2001 Since most Americans fail to appreciate irony, it may be impossible for us to acknowledge how fitting it is, and how typical, that we should launch a “war on terrorism” just in time for our own national celebration of one of the most prolific terrorists in modern […]

Some Folks Never Felt Safe: The Truth About National Unity

Published as a ZNet Commentary, October 8, 2001 “United we stand,” comes the proclamation from political leaders and national media. “Americans are pulling together like never before,” say still others in the wake of the horrific attacks of September 11. American flags are popping up everywhere: on lapel pins, car antennae, hastily printed T-shirts, and […]