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Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: Racism, Terrorism and American War Mongering

Published on Alternet, as “The Racism of American War-Mongering,” September 17, 2001 Well, the good people of the rural U.S. should be breathing a sigh of relief right about now. After all, with the President and most Americans itching to bomb any place where terrorists might be hiding, one can only imagine the wrath […]

To My Baby Girl, After the Terror

Published on Alternet,, September 13, 2001 To my Dear Daughter, I was not where I needed to be last night. You are only ten weeks old. And last night, only your mother was able to hold you, and kiss you goodnight, and hug you, and wipe up your spit. I was somewhere else. Tonight […]

Nationalism of Fools: Reflections on Zionism from a Dissident Jew

Published as a ZNet Commentary, September 5, 2001 So, the U.S. has withdrawn from the World Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa. And while the cynical might suspect that this decision was consistent with our longstanding unwillingness to deal with racism’s global legacy, the official reason is more circumscribed. Namely, the pullout has been […]