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Another Round of White Denial: Drugs, Race and Reality in the ‘Burbs

Published as a ZNet Commentary, August 23, 2001 Here we go again. In a time of multiple school and workplace shootings, middle-aged mass murderers, drug-saturated rave parties, and moms who drown their kids in tubs, lakes, or dump them in garbage cans, one question comes to mind: How long will suburban white America get away […]

Thin Blue Lies: Police and the Art of Propaganda

Published on Alternet,, 8/3/01 Image is everything, or so the commercial says. In an age of public relations, how one is portrayed can be every bit as important as the substance of one’s actions. Thus, it should come as no surprise that along with politicians, entertainers and corporate executives, even police departments have joined […]

See No Evil: Perception and Reality in Black and White

Published as a ZNet Commentary, August 2, 2001 According to a public opinion poll from a few years ago, only six percent of whites in the U.S. believe racism is still a “very serious” problem facing blacks. While larger percentages believed racism to be somewhat of a problem, only this anemic share of the white […]