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Of Danger and Double Standards: Police, Prison and Preferential Treatment

Published on Alternet,, under the title, “Shot by Cops? Not if You’re White,” 5/22/01 After my recent article excoriating the Cincinnati police for their well-documented brutality against black residents (including the shooting of an unarmed young man wanted for seatbelt violations), I received many irate e-mails from folks proclaiming that I just didn’t know […]

Breaking the Cycle of White Dependence: A Modest Call for Majority Self-Help

Published as a ZNet Commentary, May 19, 2001 The experts call it projection–when someone subconsciously realizes that a particular trait applies to them, and then attempts to locate that trait in others, so as to alleviate the stigma or self-doubt engendered by the trait in question. It’s a well-understood psychological concept, and explains much: like […]