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Dreaming of a Non-White Christmas: Santa, Jesus and the Symbolism of Racial Supremacy

A slightly different version of this piece was published as a ZNet Commentary, December 21, 2000. This is the most recent, 2005 version. Well it’s that time of year again: time for all good Americans to focus on what really matters; not family, community, or world peace, but that national sacrament of late-stage capitalism known […]

Racism, White Liberals and the Limits of Tolerance

Published in LIP Magazine,, 12/04/00. Let me get this straight: If three white guys chain a black man to a truck and decapitate him by dragging him down a dirt road, that’s a hate crime; but if five white cops pump nineteen bullets into a black street vendor, having shot at him 41 times, […]

Of Monsters and Vampires: People Who Kill People and the People Who Kill Them

Published as a ZNet Commentary, December 4, 2000 My mother lied to me. She told me when I was a boy, so as to allay my fears to the contrary, that there were no such things as vampires; that there were not, in real life, those whose lust for human blood drove their every waking […]