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No More Mister Fall Guy: Why Ralph Nader is Not to Blame for “President” Bush

Published as a ZNet Commentary, November 9, 2000 Well, the long knives are out. Media pundits, Democratic Party officials, and I would suspect Al Gore himself before long, have or will soon begin to do the predictable: search out a scapegoat for why the Presidential election turned out the way it did. That is, if […]

Getting Serious About White Deviance: An Open Letter to the Pioneer Fund

Published as a ZNet Commentary, November 3, 2000 To Whom It May Concern, With great excitement, I recently discovered your organization’s work for the betterment of mankind, through the application of racial science. As someone who has been investigating the pathological tendencies of persons of European descent (whites in the popular vernacular), imagine my delight […]