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The Threat of a Good Example: Reflections on Hope and Tenacity

Published as a ZNet Commentary, June 20, 1999 Occasionally when I’m speaking to college students, attempting to inspire at least a few to commit themselves to social justice as a way of life and perhaps career, I’m asked the question for which there is no easy answer; the one that goes something like: “What’s the […]

Blinded by the White: Race, Crime and Columbine High

Published in Z Magazine, June, 1999 Imagine a quiet, suburban community, commonly referred to as a “nice place to live and raise kids.” It’s a community known for civic pride, affluent families, and schools where the students score well above average on aptitude tests. It’s also 93 percent white. Now imagine that at this community’s […]

The Devil Made ‘Em Do It: Social Crisis and the Misuse of Faith in America

Published as a ZNet Commentary, June 1, 1999 I go through airports about two hundred times a year. As such, I overhear lots of comments from other travelers. Usually they’re of a particularly banal sort, screamed over a cell phone that seems permanently attached to the ear of one of a few thousand interchangeable corporate […]